Meeteetse Wildlife


"Black Footed Ferret" Our most infamous resident 

The "thought to be extinct" Black Footed Ferret was discovered on the John Hogg Ranch. 

The Pitchfork Ranch is well known for the fact the last known colony of the endangered species was found on its grasslands.

Moose can be seen throughout the year at  
different locations.
They are the most popular animal you can see.  
If you find one, take lots of pictures.
Numerous deer can be seen anytime of year.
We have both Whitetail and Mule Deer.
Although very elusive, Elk can be seen at  
different times of year in hay meadows, crossing 
roads and on the high meadows of the  
Absaroka Mountains. Their numbers are  
estimated in the thousands. The individual  
herds have been estimated to have  
500 - 1000 animals in them.
Bull Elk gather up in bachelor bands after the  
rut, in the late fall and early winter. They will  
stay in these bands until the velvet falls off their  
horns and the rut starts again.
Different species of eagles, predominantly  
Bald Eagle, call the cliffs and trees of the  
Greybull and Wood River drainage's  home.
Numerous waterfowl can be seen in the lakes 
and ponds.
Here is a common neighbor of Meeteetse.
Antelope roam all the grasslands around the area.
Buffalo roam the grasslands of the Antler Ranch.
The elusive Badger can be seen from time to time.
The fishing opportunities are abundant in the  
rivers and lakes around Meeteetse.
Beaver call the rivers and ponds in the area home.
Mountain Big Horn Sheep can be seen in the high 
country or along side the highway in the winter.
Female sheep
"Little Wahb" 
Tale of a Grizzly Bear 
Little Wahb is on Display in Meeteetse Museum. 
He was taken 10 miles from town for killing  
livestock. His estimated weight is over 800 pounds.  
There are Grizzly Bear and Black Bear in the  
mountains and drainage's around Meeteetse.
Wolves can be seen from time to time around  
Meeteetse. They are becoming more and more  
common which is unfortunate for the other  
wildlife in the area.

According to one web site I found about Meeteetse, we are supposed to have these guy's here. Well, we've been looking hard because there is no limit on them in Wyoming, Maybe we just haven't found them yet! If you see one here let me know and send picture please!


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