Meeteetse Wyoming

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Bobby Joe and Sherry Long, owners of Oasis and Vision Quest motels in Meeteetse, find that “often people have reservations for one or two nights and extend their time in Meeteetse. People are just charmed by our town.”

“(It’s) Meeteetse’s closeness to hiking, hunting, river and lake fishing, large game hunting, snowmobiling, cross country ski trails and lots and lots of wildlife viewing,” Bobby Joe added. “People find it unbelievable. It’s hard to imagine what 2,000 head of elk look like, unless you see 2,000 head.”

The Longs came to Meeteetse after Bobby Joe retired from the Air Force. After serving 20 years, stationed in Greece, Germany, Korea, Florida and Utah, the couple wanted to get away from the city. 

“When you retire from the military you still have to work. Fate brought us to Meeteetse,” Sherry said.

When they were looking to do a 1031 exchange for property they owned in Florida, the Longs began looking for property in the Cody and Meeteetse area. When two properties in Cody fell through, they were shown the Oasis and RV Park in Meeteetse and knew it was the perfect fit.

Purchasing the Oasis Motel and RV Park in 2000, a 12-room motel, with six kitchenette cabins and 10 full hookup RV sites, the Longs knew the backyard area, with its riverside location, would make a great open area for their guests and the community to enjoy.

Disassembling the last remaining standing building in the old Meeteetse town site, the Longs used that façade to add a Western building backdrop in their backyard area. The backdrop is good for taking photos and for their well-known chuckwagon dinners.

Wanting to bring exposure to the motel and the backyard, from 2003-05, the Longs hosted monthly community chuckwagon dinners, with cowboy re-enactments, cowboy stories, local bands and poetry.

Annually, the Longs host the National Day of the American Cowboy and the Meeteetse Trail Regulators at the Oasis. The backyard is available for anyone to rent and has become a popular venue for weddings, funerals, birthday parties and community concerts.

During the last year, Sherry said the Oasis has “really picked up as a reunion location. People like having a central point and because we have RV, hotel, camping and entertainment, it’s a good place for families. Most of our bookings are people who like being off the beaten path. The hospitality of the town is not so commercialized.”

In 2010, seeing the Longs success at the Oasis, the owners of the “other” motel in Meeteetse, approached them about buying the Vision Quest Motel & RV Park.

Although hesitant to take on a second motel, the couple purchased the 15-room motel with 12 kitchenettes, five suites and four long-term RV rentals, and spent the next year completing an extensive remodeling and updating project. They work to ensure they provide their customers with a “clean, comfortable, reasonably priced room.”

Finding the hotel industry “an easy industry to pick up on,” the couple make a good team. Sherry takes care of the marketing and office, and Bobby Joe takes care of the IT and maintenance.

“We like the freedom of working for ourselves and talking to people,” Sherry said.

“Most of the time people are on vacation. We enjoy hearing the stories of people that lived here a long time ago. It’s interesting to find out about people and why they are here. Some of our guests have been staying with us for years. They like the mom-and-pop atmosphere and think of the hotel as a home away from home.”

Both Bobby Joe and Sherry have invested in Meeteetse and have served on numerous boards through the years. Currently, Sherry is in her fifth year with the Meeteetse Visitor Center Board, 10th year on the Park County Travel Council and second year with the Cody Yellowstone Air Improvement Resources (CYAIR) group, while Bobby Joe is on his 12th year with the Meeteetse Volunteer Fire Department.

They say they have “thoroughly enjoyed the 12 years we have lived here. It’s opened up opportunities and allowed us to use skills we didn’t even know we had. It’s challenged us and it’s just a wonderful community. We look forward to being part of this community and doing what we can to support and promote Meeteetse.”

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Great place to stay and visit for a while. Near to lots of interesting places and Yellowstone. Also, great hosts who try to accommodate you in every way possible. Hope to be able to go back!

We're located 85 miles from Yellowstone Park via Cody.

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Meeteetse has a very colorful old history

Meeteetse is an old Shoshoni Indian word with dual meanings:

"Where the Chiefs Meet" 

"The Meeting Place" 

Check back for more stories recounting the lives and times... 





Now on display in our town museum is one of the largest Grizzly bears shot in the lower 48 states. His weight was estimated at near 900 pounds. He stood at 9 feet tall and had been named "Little Wahb" back in the day.

Read the story! "Game and Fish personnel put down 800-pound Grizzly for preying on Meeteetse livestock."

Please take a tour of our little piece of heaven located on the bank of the Greybull River and half a block from downtown Meeteetse, Wyoming!

Wooden side walks and hitching post for your horse are still in service today.

Want to come for a hike, horseback ride or mountain bike?

Four wheel drive trips to the Ghost Town of Kirwin.

Fishing the Greybull river, the Wood river or the Sunshine reservoirs is fantastic anytime of year.

Snowmobiling or cross country skiing the Wood River valley is outstanding, depending on the snow fall.

We are located near some of the best hunting in the country for the magnificent Wapiti (Elk), Deer (White Tail or Mule deer), Big Horn Sheep or Antelope.

Visit Cody, the Irma Hotel and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

Cody is 32 miles, Thermopolis is 52 miles and boast the world's largest hot springs.

We are only 85 miles to the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Tour, down hill ski or snowmobile in or near Yellowstone National Park.

Snowmobile rental is available at the park's east entrance.

Red Lodge Montana is 95 miles to the north and has excellent skiing and equipment rental is available.

We are located just 16 miles from the Absaroka Mountains and the Pitchfork Ranch. Just want to relax, this is the place for you!

Plan your office or church retreats with us.

Plan your family reunions or just meet your friends here.

You will not find a more peaceful place to relax, have some fun and get that well deserved break from reality you've worked so hard for.



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Special Events & Other Pages


14th Annual Event July 20, 2019


National Day of the American Cowboy held at the OASIS MOTEL & RV PARK Campground




Meeteetse Trail Regulators

Annual Rendezvous

August 15, 16 & 17, 2019

Old Meeteetse Trail Rendezvous 
& Shoot-out 
Two-wheeler Rally





Hunting Information 

Amenities available:

  • Shooting range - check your rifle before that big shot!

  • Meat pole at the OASIS property for registered guests

  • Call OASIS @ 307-868-2551 for that whole conversation


Newspaper Articles (from 2005) concerning 
Wolf and Grizzly Bear


Want to come for one of the most relaxing or exciting vacations you'll ever have? 

The OASIS and MEETEETSE is the place for you.

Take a hike, horseback ride or mountain bike trip on trails varying in difficulty up the Jack Creek area. 

Four wheel drive or just high clearance vehicle (recommended) trips to the Ghost Town of Kirwin

Fishing the Greybull River, the Wood River or the Sunshine Reservoir (upper/lower) is fantastic anytime of year. 

Snowmobiling or cross country skiing the Wood River valley is outstanding, depending on the snow fall.  

We are located near some of the best hunting in the state for the magnificent Wapiti (Elk), Deer (White Tail or Mule deer), Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Big Horn Sheep or Antelope.



Plan your next events here @ the OASIS

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There is a large shaded backyard complete with 30' x 48' pavilion, picnic tables (seating for approximately 125 people, more seating can be arranged), playground, campfire pit (bring your own firewood or we can arrange it for you) and volleyball is available on request.

A large tent is available for rent.

There are several large meeting rooms around town that can be made available.

Call us for making arrangements and to price and availability.


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P.O. Box 424  
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"Wyoming's best kept secret"

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Reservation & Information line:


Meeteetse Trail Regulators

16th Annual Rendezvous

August 15, 16 & 17, 2019

Old Meeteetse Trail Rendezvous 
& Shoot-out 
Motorcycle Rally

I Invite you to visit 
"Buffalo Bill's Cody/Yellowstone Country" 
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official tourism website which includes all the 
attractions and activities in the county.

All your productions needs in Cody Country and the 
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Meeteetse Recreation District 
Mountain Running Events



P.O. Box 133  
Cody, Wyoming 82414  



Ten Six Ranch 
122 Road 3LD 
Meeteetse, WY. 82433 
Private Land Fishing Oportunities
Hunting & Fishing 
Outfitters Page 
Best areas to hunt elk from Meeteetse  
are area's 61, 62 or 63!



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This space is available! 
Want to trade links or just buy room for a couple of pages?  
Email Danny Sedam at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Want to trade links or just buy room for a couple of pages?

Email Danny Sedam at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Singles, starting at $65 + 9% tax 

Singles, starting at $75 + 9% tax

Meeteetse's rich history in every cabin

Go back in time to the wild west.... but stay with modern convenience too!

All Rooms & Single Cabin 28

1 person

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2 people
3 people
4 people





$10 + tax  each add/per over 12







Double Cabins

1 person

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3 people
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Single Cabins

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3 people
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$10 + tax each add/person over 12


1-2 person, starting at $35 + 9% tax

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Price ranges from $1,500/day + 9% tax unless the majority of our Rooms, Cabins & RV Lots are booked for an Event to be hosted here... Call for a quote

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